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BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 is our Top Ranked Antivirus this year, it has proven highly effective in protecting from threats. This is the appropriate software for beginners and also...
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4.6 (1)
AVG Antivirus 2012
AVG Antivirus 2012 is one of our highest rated antivirus software due to its effectiveness in detecting and preventing threats in real time. AVG Antivirus 2012 fully removed malware...
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3.3 (4)
Norton AntiVirus 2012
Norton has a perceived high trust factor, which may be derived from being in the market a long time. They back up this reputation by providing one of the...
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5.0 (1)
Webroot offers solid antivirus protection. We liked the fact that protection runs in the background, but were annoyed by the constant pop-ups of blocked threats whenever the software was...
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2.7 (1)
The software will perform well in preventing users from accessing questionable websites. The automatic USB scanning feature is excellent. There are various scanning options which can be accomplished rather...
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0.0 (0)
Avast Pro Antivirus 6
Avast! Pro Antivirus 6 threat detection performed very well among antivirus software we tested. We ran into a few issues when fully installing the software,...
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0.0 (0)
This is acceptable software if you are looking for basic, yet effective, and easy to use antivirus software. However, advanced users who normally seek to...
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4.7 (2)
McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 offers several extra features that most antivirus software competitors don't; such as a firewall, anonymous internet surfing and home network monitoring. Unfortunately, this software...
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1.7 (1)
Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + 2012 is a good performer, however there are better options. Yes, it is a safe, lightweight, and easy to use, however, it is not...
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3.3 (1)
Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 includes a wide array of features. Most notably the firewall and home network management were a welcome addition. This software includes features that are normally...
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Best Antivirus 2012 Questions and Answers




1. Do I need security software, such as an antivirus?

Succinctly put, YES.

The majority of computer users can benefit from protection against malware since it comes in many forms and from many places. Current security / antivirus software can protect from threats better than ever since they scan in real-time, during web-surfing, when downloading files and during instant messaging, social networking and emailing sessions.

Further, many security software scanners identify malware before it hits your computer. Virus threats include those beyond web-based downloads, and include threats from files in external memory devices, during sessions which may seem innocent to the user, including social networking and instant messaging. Infections can be in the form of compressed files or in seemingly authentic programs.

With so much personal information being stored in computers, it is imperative that users take preventative steps in protecting their information with the use of the latest antivirus software.


2. Is Antivirus Software worth the expense?

We firmly believe that antivirus software is a necessary investment.

Simply compare the price of any security software to the potential cost of identity theft (or the hourly rate charge by a service center to fix an infected computer) and you can see the value in proactively protecting such a valuable resource as a computer.

Antivirus software is necessary in order to confidently decrease the dangers of infection from various sources. Additionally, antivirus software is needed to remove viruses, malware or other intrusions that have already infected our system. However, its best course preventative measures in order to secure your system from malware that can damage your information and to protect yourself from identity theft.

3. What features should I look for in antivirus software?

Antivirus software may contain a multitude of features; however the primary objective is to find software that protects from lurking threats and to remove any malware or viruses already in your system. For many of us, its matter of when our system will be infected and not a matter of if it will be infected.

Though most operating systems are actually outfitted with virus elimination tools, they could quickly become outdated. The most effective method of maintaining PCs current and keeping dangerous viruses away is through the use of high quality security software that protects from viruses, malware, spam, rootkits and Trojans. It is also recommended that parental controls and firewalls be included in the software.

A virtual browser is one of the newest features of antivirus software. This feature effectively segregates an internet browser from the rest of the system so that entries during browsing are shielded and browsing history is kept protected from spammers and hackers. This is a feature that should work well for users who perform on-line banking transactions.

Lastly, among the best features is one that goes unnoticed. By this we mean antivirus software that works behind the scene, does not require constant input, can be scheduled to perform scans automatically and does not slow down the system. The complaint with many users in the past has been a noticeable slowdown of the system and alerts at the most inconvenient time (during movies and gaming). The newest software perform incredibly well compared to prior versions. Check out the top ten rankings for the antivirus software that works best for your situation.


4. How does Top Ten Authority determine the ranking of the Best Antivirus 2012?

Top Ten Authority determines the raking by individually scoring each of the following factors for each antivirus software test:

Extent of Protection

To ensure that your PC is adequately protected, your antivirus should have the ability to identify all current and emerging threats. The best software should identify all the normal threats like viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and the more complicated malware phishing scams, viruses transmitted through e-mail and rootkits. Some antivirus packages are certainly not full-blown internet security suites, but provide basic protection from many attacks on many fronts.


Effective antivirus security software should have user-friendly controls. They should be able to remove infected information by searching for malware and viruses via real-time scanning from a large number of sources, including threats during e-mail, social networking and instant messaging sessions. Efficient antivirus software should not slow down the system and should not interfere with your work, video watching or video game activities. Our most highly ranked antivirus software met these criteria.

Ease of Installation

Antivirus software needs to be very easy to install, making it simple to go from installation to first scan in just a couple clicks. Typically, the best antivirus for 2012 takes about 1 to 5 minutes to install. Beginners to advances users should have no issues installing any of the antivirus software we tested.

Ease of Use

Best antivirus software for 2012 must be simple to use and controls must be intuitive for all levels of users. Because antivirus software could be personalized in many ways, it is essential that the interface or dashboard guide users through the many options available. On the other hand advances users should also be able to select among advanced options fairly easily.


Properly-rounded antivirus software should prevent infection of your system and should also be able to remove any threats that may have already infested your system. The best packages are those that provide an amazing array of tools that are updated frequently, as new threats arise daily.

The extra features your system may require is determined by what kind of functions you perform in your PC. If you are regularly utilizing your PC for the purposes of social networking (chats, instant messaging, and e-mail) you will need an antivirus that provides safety for these programs through real-time protection, real time scanning of emails and social networking walls, and proactive protection during file sharing. However, these may not be essential if you rarely use these programs or do not share files via internet.

Of emerging importance is software that scans external USB drives, such as memory drives, memory sticks, etc. Often these devices can pick up malware of viruses by using them on multiple devices.

Updates Frequency

When acquiring a security solution, it is not simply the first program being bought; additionally it is the periodic antivirus updates. Fresh viruses are being discovered every day and high-quality antivirus package will supply regular, automatic updates. However, one of the biggest issues customers have with antivirus software is simply maintaining it updated, it is crucial that your antivirus software have frequent updates. Our rankings antivirus software that updates every 15 minutes!, while others update hourly.

Technical Support

Best antivirus applications come with loads of technical support, including e-mail, on-line chat or phone based support. While user forums are not technically a service provided by the manufacturer, we did find forums to be informative and quite reliable for most software.

Our Best Antivirus 2012 software must include most, if not all features mentioned above, but nonetheless keep prices competitive with the rest of antivirus software products in the market.